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About me

I am currently a student in management at EMLyon Business School. I am taking advantage of the school’s world-class courses and workshops to be ready for the big leap in the job market. 

I like nice things and thats why I came to like architecture and industrial design as well as fountain pen writing. 

Apart from that, I am a huge fan of soccer and I’ve practiced it for several years. I also love combat sports like boxing and grappling. 

Passion for software

I had no interest in computers until I was 14. Back then, I thought everything in this field was too complicated but I didn’t accept to be that one teenager who couldn’t create a Facebook profile. When I created my first email address, I was stunned by how easy it was. After that, I never said, “it’s too complicated”. I got myself my fisrt computer and I became passionate about collaboration software like Asana, Jira, Slack, and Dropbox. Since I’ve also developed a strong passion for UI/UX design, I’ve decided to combine the best of both worlds and become a product manager. 

Where I practiced


Marketing Consultant 

  • Building a new digital marketing strategy to improve the conversion rate
  • Collecting customer feedback to implement product improvements
  • Monitoring competitors and exchanging with the product team on ways to match them
  • WordPress development
  • SEO and digital marketing audits
August 2017 - Ongoing

Intern Product Manager

  • Coordinating a UX research based on user tests to improve a collaboration app
  • Recommending new features, UX improvements and new integrations
  • Assessing feasibility of changes in the Teaming app with engineers
  • Reviewing compatible hardware (conference cameras, ip-phones, webcams..)
Christophe Phompraseuth
Christophe PhompraseuthProduct Marketing Director - Orange Business Services
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I had the pleasure to have Amokrane within my team for more than 6 months as trainee. Within this short time frame, Amokrane has proven to be a remarkable product owner with great capacity for work, reflexion and anticipation, in very complex and fast evolving environments. In term of notable achievements, he has brilliantly conducted a customer focus group study, as well as, produced relevant market analysis on competition and future trends where he's highly knowledgeable. Last but not least, Amokrane is a very pleasant colleague to work with. I will be delighted to have him again within my team. I strongly recommend Amokrane.
Orange Business Services
December 2017 - June 2018

Intern B2B Marketing Assistant

  • Optimizing the website for search engines
  • Improving AdWords campaigns and referencing Whaller on B2B listing (G2Crowd/Gartner DM..)
  • Building a content marketing strategy with the CEO and the head of communications
  • Competitive monitoring, KPI analysis and reporting
  • Customer support and reward program
  • Presentations: Google Analytics, SEO & programming, Webpages and conversion, transitioning from an early market to the mass market
May 2017 - Jully 2017
Where I learned


MSC in Management

I’ve decided to transfer to Emlyon because it is known for the excellent quality of its MSc in Management that is featured in several Financial Time rankings. I am taking several classes from marketing to programming. I had the opportunity to help other students in their path to creating their business and I was also able to be part of a research project on the consequences of innovation on the job market. 
Emlyon Business School
September 2018 - Jully 2020

Master’s Degree in Marketing

  • Several marketing classes from strategic marketing to customer relationship
  • Leaning towards the analytical and international aspects
  • Projects: business plan, research and conception of a new offer, strategic report
The Paris-Nanterre University
September 2016 - Jully 2017

Bachelor Degree in Economics

  • Classes: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Finance, operational marketing, digital marketing and marketing research
  • Projects: Marketing research, Elior challenge, corporate culture report on Google’s best practices
  • The Elior Challenge: Runner-up
The Paris-Nanterre University
September 2013 - May 2016
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